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Financial Fair Play (FFP) has caused a divide among Europe’s top clubs. While most are in favour, including Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and Barcelona, a vocal minority oppose the scheme, headed by PSG and Manchester City, who have already been sanctioned by UEFA for non compliance.

Representatives from the European Club Association (ECA) and several other organisations attended a roundtable meeting on Monday to discuss the implementation of the regulations. UEFA president Michel Platini was keen to hear the case of those clubs that feel that FFP puts them at a disadvantage by limiting their spending, despite having less debt than financial powerhouses that regularly splurge on transfers.

However, Real’s modus operandi seems to have the backing of the ECA and was hailed by the association’s president, Karl Heinz Rummenigge, as adhering to the spirit of the regulations: “Real and Barcelona are not the big problem, although they have a higher mountain of debt. Financial Fair Play is based on the break even rule that’s simply ‘do not spend more than you earn'”, he argued.

PSG and City have no appetite for a stand off with UEFA. Both have made moves to comply with the scheme and subsequently accepted their punishments, but they are calling for more flexibility so that owners can write off losses during their first few years in charge of a club.
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